Whitesnake Rant (actually lyric rant, but still…)

I want to have a heavy metal lyric writing creative writing workshop. I’m volunteering my time, seriously. Lyrics are kinda important, so just think about it.

The idea came to me because of Whitesnake…

I have not gone to a lot of heavy metal concerts. Whitesnake is opening for Geoff Tate’s version of Queensryche (long story – but there are currently two versions of the band that are touring right now, and Geoff is touring for the twenty-fifth anniversary of Operation Mindcrime, which is my favorite album of all time-so I’m there.) BUT I haven’t spent much time with Whitesnake, so I decided that I had to do my homework for the concert on August 21st.

Downloaded a couple of albums (Made in Britain just released, btw). OMP (Yes, I said OMP – Poseidon is a god) what amazing music – I became an instant fan – there is something special about this band. Much of their music is a sort of jazzy heavy metal, which I enjoy quite a bit.

Then spent time with the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still gonna be a fan, but I understand now why I didn’t spend much time with them in the past… lyrics-they are seriously important. I tend to listen to my heavy metal while working out – the beat works for me – but I like to think, too.

I have no problem with songs about sex – I kinda like them, actually – especially with a great beat. But seriously? Every song? Okay, almost every song. I can tell that they have tried. But we really need to have a heavy metal lyric writers workshop. Yes, I do know that I haven’t heard every Whitesnake song on the planet, and I realize that they use the word “Love” all over the place, but look at their lyrics – song after song after song. I laughed at “Slide it in,” Then realized that it was even the title of the album! Slide it In. Wow.

My husband tells me that they know their audience – teenage boys.

Yeah, okay. I  know quite a few teenage boys, been teaching them for twenty-seven years – they do think about more than sex. No, really! They do! Stop laughing! Teenage boys  often mistake lust for love, sure, but most of them have other interests, too.

Come on David Coverdale – a writing group would help!!!

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