Queensryche OR Queensryche??? I am weighing in! (Finally)

I decided that I wanted to weigh in about Queensryche before the courts did…

Of course I waited twenty-five years. Of course the band had broken up before I actually got to see them in concert.

So first I had to decide which Queensryche I would see in concert – the band without Geoff Tate, who had been fired (without his knowledge, it seems) – or Geoff Tate with a band he had put together from the musicians he knew… Both groups had put out new albums,  I bought both of them, and I have opinions. (I’m sure you’re surprised by this, I have so few opinions…)

First the band’s album: It is called Queensryche – This is Queensryche with Todd La Torre and all of the band members (except Chris DeGarmo, of course). The music itself is compelling. These guys know how to create a song!!! The first song, “Where Dreams Go To Die,” seems to be their song to Geoff. Kinda sad. “You thought you’d get away, but Karma made its move/The bad things that you’ve done, will be coming back for you/It’s really sad that we’re at the end, but my heart won’t let me feel/No sympathy or pain for the outcome you’ve ensued.” A bit forced, but there seems to be a real story behind it. And the music, ah, that music. It’s good.

Several of the songs seem to be referring to the problems they had with Geoff. The lyrics are okay, the music outstanding, but sad again.

Then along comes the song “A World Without.” The music and some of the lyrics are kinda haunting… The music. But then the lines: “Your heart is the amber I see in my drag/The smoke your spirit rising I breathe your love/The tickle in my throat, your way of reaching out/Perhaps the creaking of my door/The moonlight glistening the shore.” An extended metaphor of the cigarette – seriously??? Rockenfield/La Torre/Wilton, you’re trying too hard to be Geoff. The rhyme is forced – and was that using a cigarette as a metaphor? And then did you extend that bad metaphor? Yes you did. Seriously. I can’t get over those lyrics – you’ve lost me.

Looking at the rest of the songs, I notice major lyrical problems that I don’t want to dwell on here, but if you get the album, you’ll find them.

‘Now let’s turn to Geoff’s album titled Frequency Unknown. I have to put in the photo of the album cover – it’s pretty cool:


Yeah, seemed appropriate – we can probably assume the FU is to the band that fired him. And yes, he behaved seriously badly.

But to get to this album: the lyrics are seriously strong. Written by Geoff, whose lyrics have always been so strong for me. My first (or almost first, can’t really remember) post was about one of these songs. Geoff wins.

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