My Raven

When my students write, I write. Their assignment was to write in the style of Poe… so here’s my effort! (Yes, it’s about my students… No, it’s never  quite this bad )!!!

Once upon a school day weary, while I taught so sad and teary,

Thinking o’er the good and sound, fine lesson plan on Villasenor.

While I talked so, almost screaming, suddenly there came a dreaming

As if students actually seeming, seeming to learn real lore.

“Tis a fluke,” I muttered sighing, “Just a fluke in teacher lore.”

Just a fluke and nothing more.

Ah, morosely I consider – I was in emotions bitter

And each individual student’s voice impinged upon me bore

Weight so heavy it depressed me. Feeling like a prison escapee-

From my classroom quickly running, hoping to restore

Sanity and something nameless, trying to restore

Just my life, and nothing more.

And the student’s glee imparting impudence that keeps restarting

My unhappiness that shouldn’t come into the fore.

I’m in charge of me, God damn it! Don’t give them your power,

Can’t stand it; Won’t let them distress my life I swore

Never give control I swore – no more

I will keep control forevermore

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